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The Band: Escape The Fate

Escape The Fate is:

  • Craig Mabbitt - Lead vocalist
  • Bryan "Monte" Money - Lead guitarist, back vocalist
  • Max Green - Bassist, back vocalist
  • Robert Ortiz - Drummer

Early Years

The band came randomly together through MySpace when Ronnie Radke and Max Green were looking for new band members after their prior group abruptly fell apart.On the popular website, they soon found guitarist Bryan Money, who subsequently brought in Vegas transplant and guitarist Omar Espinosa (ex- Lovehatehero ).

Friend and drummer Robert Ortiz joined on to complete the group. Debuting live barely a month later, the guys found early success on local radio and quickly amassed a devoted hometown following. By September 2005 , they had won a local radio contest judged by My Chemical Romance, which awarded them the opportunity to open a show on the band's current headlining tour with Alkaline Trio and Reggie and the Full Effect .

They then signed to Epitaph Records . Their debut five-song EP, There's No Sympathy for the Dead, appeared in May 2006 . Tour dates through the summer followed including several dates on the Warped Tour. Escape the Fate's first full length album Dying Is Your Latest Fashion came out on September 26th, 2006, which was guveb a 5 our of 5 ratubg ion Dying Is Your Latest Fashion peaked at #12 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and #19 on the Top Independent Albums chart.

Tour dates through the summer followed including several dates on the Warped Tour, and the band subsequently dropped off a tour with Bullet for My Valentine and Eighteen Visions due to personal problems. Singer Ronnie Radke was dropped from the band after pleading guilty to assist in murder weeks before the release of their first full album.

On November 6, 2006, the band posted on their MySpace blog stating that Radke was back in the band. Radke also posted on his own MySpace explaining his absence and describing his new love for life. The band was scheduled to co-headline "The Take Action Tour", but were not able to play for reasons unknown and were replaced by From First to Last, these reasons again later revealed as Ronnie's drug dependancy and several other problems.

Omar Espinosa left the band during the Black On Black tour in late 2007. He stated in his MySpace blog that he left the band for good, but that his leaving was on good terms, and he is still friends with the members of Escape the Fate. He said that he will continue to support the members no matter what, and he still believes it is a great band.

Ronnie's Departure

Radke has had a number of run-ins with law enforcement since 2006, many of which were related to narcotics. Radke was also sentenced to four year probation in Las Vegas for his involvement in a fight which took place in May 2006. This fight lead to the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Cook. While Radke did not pull the trigger, his friend was armed and did. Radke pled guilty to one charge of battery with substantial bodily harm after Colquitt, the person Radke initially set up to fight, committed suicide before his sentencing in helping conjure the fight that led to the 18 year olds death. In late 2007 the band ceased all touring due to the incident. He was wanted for parole violation in his hometown Las Vegas as of June 12, 2008, and was caught June 16 2008. Radke was officially dismissed from the band in early 2008. The members later decided to kick Radke out in order to keep Escape The Fate going. Craig Mabbitt from Blessthefall has replaced Radke as frontman and lead singer of the band.

On August 4, 2008 Radke was sentenced to four years in jail. While in jail, Radke posted four MySpace blogs. The first was addressed to his fans and admirers thanking them for the support and stating that he is ready to work on his "next album". It is unknown whether or not this is a reference to a new Escape the Fate album, or if Radke is aware that he was replaced by Mabbitt and have a new album due out in October.

The other three blogs had a negative tone and were addressed to the victim's family, Craig Mabbitt, and former band-mate Max Green. In the blog to the family, Radke expressed that he was sorry for what happened but was wrongfully put in jail as a witness to the crime. In the blog to Craig Mabbitt, Radke accused Mabbitt of stealing his ex-girlfriend and trying to be just like him (Radke). In the blog to Max Green, he states that, "You are the one that deserves to be in this position. YOU are the real culprit," and that Green's "Time is coming. Trust me, you're going to get what you deserve!". Green posted a blog of his own in reaction to Radke's blog stating that Radke was immature and he got what he deserved.

This War Is Ours

On May 6, 2008, Escape the Fate announced that Craig Mabbitt has officially joined the band for the recording of "This War Is Ours". The album will be produced by John Feldman (Lostprophets, The Used, Story of the Year, Atreyu) and is expected to be released in October 21, 2008. In the same press release, Mabbitt discussed his feelings about joining the band:

"I'm excited to have the opportunity to continue making music with a group of amazing people, I'm loving what's coming out of us in the studio right now and things couldn't be going better. Escape the Fate is taking over the world, so buckle your seatbelts 'cause we're here to stay."

Bassist Max Green also discussed the direction of the new album in the press release:

"We've been through a lot of shit this last year, and we took all that anger, frustration and sadness and molded it into an album with huge rock choruses, in your face riffs and melodies, and drums that will give your parents a heart attack. This new album isn't going to be a hardcore metal album and it's not going to be a soft melodic album, we are who we are, we are Escape the Fate."

Max Green on discussing the new album with his fan site:

"Yes we are currently writing our new album. and its not going as amazing as our past album, we are evolving musically into something that is going to blow peoples minds. we have taken all our influences and merged them with our style of playing and are creating something amazing. i cant wait to release it!!!! we will probably be recording around march or april and it will probably be released shortly after."

The album is titled "This War Is Ours" and was released October 21, 2008 through Epitaph Records.

Escape the Fate has recently announced an Australian/New Zealand tour with Anime Fire, From The Hearts Of Heroes, We Are The Emergency and False Start. The band will be supporting Chiodos on their US headlining tour along with Silverstein, Alesana A Skylit Drive starting in October 2008.

A track from This War Is Ours was supposed to be released via Buzznet on September 2, 2008 at 1:00 Eastern Time and 10:00 Pacific according to a countdown. But when the countdown finished a picture displaying the album art appeared with a link to buzznet page and on the page it said "Once 50,000 people are on this page at ONE TIME you will be given the new surprise song from Escape The Fate!". After 40 hours, The Flood was finally released for streaming and download.

Their music video for "The Flood" was released on Tuesday, September 16, which is their first video for the album. They have since released a second music video for "Something".

Ronnie Discusses Prison, Departure, Max & Omar

An exclusive phone interview has recently been released online via Youtube with Ronnie Radke discussin various taboo subjects including the departure of ex-guitarist Omar, feud with Max and the band, as well as other eye openers. You can listen to the 3 part interview with Ronnie here.


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